Wagyu Filet MS4

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  • Wagyu Filet MS4
  • Wagyu Filet MS4
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Australian Wagyu Filet Steak

Marble Score #4

$60.00 per lb.

Some will call this the most tender steak a person can have, and with good reason.  This imported, Australian Wagyu tenderloin is lean, yet juicy, and carries almost a buttery texture.  An excellent choice to grill or broil. 



Not sure how to achieve your desired doneness? Using a probe thermometer, refer to this guide to determine the ideal temperature of your steak based on your preference. When the internal temperature is reached, remove the steak from the heat.  The meat will continue to cool during its rest period. 

 Rare  Red center, very cool  110°F
 Medium Rare  Red, warm center  120°F
 Medium  Pink throughout  130°F
 Medium Well  Pink center  140°F
 Well  No pink  Not recommended



Prime Meat Market adds a 10% "Butcher Margin of Error" provisional surcharge to all its products.  What does this mean? It means we try our best never to deviate more than 10% from the weight advertised, but our meats are hand cut and no two pieces are the same. Therefore, we authorize a customer's credit card up to 10% more than the listed price. Products are priced by the pound, and you will be charged for the actual weight shipped. YOU WILL NEVER BE CHARGED MORE THAN YOUR INVOICE TOTAL. 


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